Posted by: cynewulffe | December 6, 2009

Smells Cause Headaches

For the past month or two, I’ve had off and on small headaches; more of a nuisance than a problem. They usually begin in the morning and on one day, can get very painful. They are usually located in the lower forehead and can move up to the high forehead or frontal rim of the head. So far, it appears that Tylenol and Advil may help it. This would show that it is probably not sinus related for me personally.

I began watching the timings of the headaches and believe I narrowed it down to a few possible causes: smells, caffeine, or tension related. I really don’t think it’s due to tension, but that could be adding to it. Because it begins in the mornings, I’ve been drawn to the idea of caffeine. I’ve tried drinking it slowly, faster, earlier, later, and with less caffeine. I’ve come to believe that it could be contributing to it in that if it’s already there, it makes it worse, but, it doesn’t cause it.

I noticed around Thanksgiving break that it stopped for a week and then started again when school started. I thought about it. Caffeine stayed the same, tension? But I also had been shopping and noticed that my son started using his AXE cologne spray again. Could it be because of smells? Usually in the morning he (used to) spray enormous amounts on himself and the upstairs would stink horribly. Since my surgery, it’s hard to smell so I haven’t noticed it. But, good news first, I did begin smelling it the last month, but bad news, it could be leading to the headaches. So we’ve been running an experiment mid-week this week. He stopped using it. My headache had been very bad Tuesday. On the first day, I had a very (similar) minor one and then the rest of the week just flashes of small pains. It looks like it could be the cause. Then again, it could just be the CPAP pressure that keeps me breathing regularly each night (two years and running).


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