Sinus Relief

Post-surgery Smell and Taste Update


After 4 months, I’m feeling pretty good with how much taste I have. During the last few weeks, I’ve regained more and more taste. I can taste eggs consistently, croutons, toast…some of the more mild flavors or flavors that aren’t so consistently strong. After surgery I had to work with the tissue healing itself for about one month. Then, my nose and sinuses kept reacting to anything it didn’t like (smells, allergies, etc) with congestion. That didn’t help with tasting at all.

In the last few weeks since my last sinus infection, I’ve been generally clear with breathing through my nose which has helped my taste. Smell is still questionable. It isn’t usually as prominent in your day to day activities, and smells waft; they come and go in strength and variety. So my smell hasn’t really improved that I’ve noticed. I enjoyed picking up a pile of leaves yesterday and putting them up to my nose. I don’t know how strong they were in smell, but I could smell them bunched up in my hand. It brought memories from childhood and past falls in New England.

I need to be careful of eating this Christmas!

Taste: 75-80%

Smell: 20-25%