Posted by: cynewulffe | November 5, 2009

Nasal Spray Headache

I happened to miss a dose of my nasal spray for allergies. I had been having headaches every day for a week.

It all started with allergies that couldn’t be helped with modifications around the home, or from taking a prescription allergy pill. After trying all of the OTC meds and prescription ones, I settled on Allegra and it has worked better than all the others…except Zirtec. When Zirtec went to generic, I began to use it and experienced a slight improvement in my symptoms: itchy eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and congestion.

Remember that congestion leads to the blockage of sinus draining.

If your sinus cavities cannot drain well, pressure builds up causing horrible headaches, and possible infections.

But then, the allergy symptoms became worse-leading to continual congestion and sinus build up. After going to the doctor again, we began Round 2: nasal sprays.Nasal sprays seem to take longer to work before you notice effects. But, the itchiness stopped (which was really bad) and the congestion didn’t come so much of the time.

And then the symptoms worsened again. We tried different nasal sprays but they gave me headaches. I should have remembered this fact! So, now that I’ve had surgery and don’t have to deal with sinus headaches anymore, I began to all of a sudden notice these bad headaches that grew throughout the day. I thought about “tension” headaches but I’m a laid back person and life is smooth right now. I tried caffeine lately: drinking it more slowly so it wouldn’t rush into my system; even drinking less for a few days. No change.

Then I remembered that last week I finished my nasal spray and took another down from the cupboard. This one was in a different colored bottle (batch) but the same type. Also, during the last few weeks I’ve been adjusting when I do my sinus rinses (only one in the late evening). I’ve been taking the nasal spray in the morning (because it loses its efficacy if taken near the time of a sinus rinse due to the salt) and more consistently.

I stopped taking the nasal spray three days ago and haven’t had a headache since. I’m assuming that it was either due to the spray or due to taking it in the morning, OR due to taking it very consistently the last few weeks.

But who wants to experiment? That’s where I am right now.


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