Sinus Relief

Sensitive to Smells


I was spraying for bugs a few days ago. I remembered how when I sprayed with the same chemical in years before, it would have a distinct smell and cause me to feel a chemical reaction within my head. I usually wore a mask and worked to achieve good ventilation.

This time when I began, I purposely tried to stimulate my self  in a safe way in order to see the type of reaction I would get.

I felt a similar feeling as when my nose was healing inside. I felt a reaction up in my nostril as if a whole bunch of nerve endings were charging or firing. It’s not unpleasant, just weird. It almost feels like an “alien” body is entering. Then, my nose started to run, and I sneezed violently. Similar in ways to a sinus infection where a sinus cavity drains and pushes out a foreign body.

What could this mean for me? Well, I think it means that I’m still healing, that my nerves and olfactory system is still working its way back to normal, and that hopefully I will be at full strength again. Right now my taste is nice at 60%: especially with lemon, peach, orange, vanilla, and chocolate tastes. Blueberry, strawberry, and cheesy things still don’t work well. I would say that my smell ability is at 15%.