Posted by: cynewulffe | October 27, 2009

An H1N1 Headache

I see the attendance records of over 1200 students in my school. For the past 3 weeks, between 7-10% of the students have been absent each day. In most cases, students miss at least 3 days of school. Most of the complaints rotate on a headache, a fever, and some vomiting. The headache tends to be one of the first symptoms, along with a fever.

Hand washing, wipes, and constant disinfection are our solutions. Hand shaking and sharing objects are a no-no.

In my 13 years of teaching, I’ve never seen so many students out. It’s very, very difficult to maintain a consistent level of scope and sequence (timely instruction) with such high levels of students gone. The students tend to get sick in groups. Many times, groups of students will get sick so a certain class will be hit hard, a team, or grade level in a school.

An encouraging trend is the supportive administration, teachers and parents working hard to help each other, and friendly and hard-working students.


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