Posted by: cynewulffe | October 26, 2009

Caffeine headache. Gotcha!

I was surfing the net trying to explore a little about headaches caused by caffeine. The following sites had great articles: and

I’ve always known that if you go off caffeine, it can cause headaches. This usually happens if I’ve had a lot of coffee on a Friday and then I sleep in on Saturday. Bang!

But what if you get the headache right after you drink coffee?

Coffee is a stimulant that activates, or over-activates your adrenal system. If you have certain medical conditions or take antidepressants or blood pressure meds, it may boost your problems. This is what is happening to me if I drink 2 cups. Occasionally, boom! The headache lasts all day and no pain med will get rid of it.

It’s an interesting predicament because adding caffeine to pain meds boosts their effectiveness, and many pain meds include up to 40% caffeine.

Once again, it’s an individual case-by-case situation that you have to grasp. My situation involves this type of headache once in a while. I cringe when I think of just three years ago and how I would have caffeine, tension, migraine, sinus, and pain headaches without knowing which was which and how to resolve any of them.


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