Sinus Relief

Occasional Smells


Today I smelled three things: one whiff of lumber at Home Depot (but not at Lowes when I walked through the same type of aisles), a candle on the stove, and onions when I sliced them. I guess that’s an improvement over not noticing any smells on most days. It’s been 4 months since maxillary sinus surgery, I’m not currently congested, but I don’t understand why I can’t smell. I guess it’s getting better…but very very slowly. Like super slug speed.

I was the most surprised at Home Depot because I wasn’t expecting it. It’s interesting how a smell connects with your experiences in the past, and certain memories. It’s one way that we associate or make connections with those things and people around us.

I was also surprised by onions that I briefly smelled. I wasn’t expecting it. I used to smell them all the time, but now my experience is to smell nothing. So when I do, it’s a slight shock.

I wish it wasn’t so.