Sinus Relief

Weekly Update


I’ve determined to move to a mountain when I move next. Away from smog and chemicals, away from unknown pollutants, away from waves of pollen that sweep down the valley floor, away from the crops of trees and flowers and plants that are around me all day. A mountain top. I used to live on one and had very few problems. Of course that could change, but I’d rather have mold or fungus than allergies to grasses and trees. Yes, a mountain has trees, but they tend to be more hardwoods and less ornamental.

I’ve been sneezing some off and on this week and a little congested because of it, off and on. My bronchitis (cough) is much better and I can breathe and talk with little aggravation. Singing, talking for a while, and mornings are a little rough at first.

This next week I’m going to try breathing through my nose more as I eat. I find this already helps some to taste better. Also, I will eat my food warm or hot instead of cold, because it helps me taste better as well. Maybe the steam?