Posted by: cynewulffe | October 12, 2009

Article Review: Impaired Smell after Sinus Surgery

Observational research was conducted by HR Brenner in 2003.

Impaired sense of smell in patients with nasal surgery.

The research looked at how often olfactory issues come up after nasal or paranasal sinus surgery.  The 6 month study of 184 subjects gave pre and post assessments that involved a subjective questionnaire and an objective smell test.

The results show that no patients developed anosmia (complete loss of smell) while about 3% developed an awareness of some type of loss of smell.

Not much, unless you’re one of the 3 in 100.



  1. That’s interesting. I had been worried about loss of smell and was told that it was more common than this.
    I am positioning endoscopic sinus surgery vs. balloon sinuplasty and this was on my checklist.
    Thanks for the information.

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