Posted by: cynewulffe | September 22, 2009

Allergies, a cold, and a sinus infection

It has been a hard few weeks. When multiple things are happening, it’s hard to sort out what’s what. It’s so nice not to have sinus headaches and sinus pressure. I don’t have to guess anymore what type of headache I have or if I have a sinus infection. Since surgery, everything drains. That’s good.

The area I live in finally dried up. With occasional rains, grass gets a new life for a few days. When grass is in its almost “dead” state, there’s a lot of grass pollen swirling around and that results in me:

1. Getting itchy nose, eyes, and inner ears. Even the top of my mouth itches.

The result is that I start to get a runny nose and sneeze. More nose running.

2. My two sons both got a slight fever and were basically hit with a three day cold. I got it after them but it lasted for almost a week. Clear runny nose, stuffed up, constant running.

3. Unfortunately, due to either 1 or 2 above, or both, I started having yellow discharge. It started with small bits here and there, and now it seems that’s all it is. If I don’t blow my nose for an hour or so, it usually ends up to be a teaspoon or two. Nights have been spent shifting on both my sides so that the congestion drains from one side to the other.

Thankfully the cold is almost over. The allergies are bearable and better than they were (but here comes the rain!).

So after one week, I set up an appointment with my ENT this Thursday. I know that I should focus on the allergy side of it and take more drastic measures, but I’m tired of it! Aargh! We’ll see.


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