Sinus Relief

Complications due to Sinus Surgery: Article Review


I have a cold. It’s a lot worse than a cold before sinus surgery. This one has led to more stuffiness and yellow globs coming out (which is good). Of course, smell and taste is gone.

I came across the American Rhinological website article on possible complications due to sinus surgery. I believe that my surgeon vaguely mentioned the problems; basically the one about cranial puncture (which is very rare). The anesthesiologist was handled more carefully and clearly.

This article makes it very clear that you must go through all of the allergy-related and medicinal avenues before surgery. I agree. I took my time going through them (2 1/2 years) and I feel confident that surgery was the best option for me.

The complications were handled clearly and developed well: bleeding, anesthesia, intercranial(brain), smell, voice, future infections, and small secondary surgeries.

The site itself may be of interest to those suffering from allergies or sinus related issues.