Posted by: cynewulffe | September 10, 2009

Post Sinus Smell

I was talking with one man who had surgery and it took him a month to recover as well. He had frontal surgery –  between eyebrows above nose. A lady I worked with said that she had the same surgery as me (maxillary) and whenever she smelled chemicals, it made her deathly sick.

There seems to be a lack of good information about this. The library should be the first stop by people looking for this surgery. I didn’t do that. I relied on the “wealth” of info on the internet and that was a problem. Knowing what I know now…I still would have surgery and even having the info would not have helped me much; but I wouldn’t have been so scared or mad at times.

Recently my 1-2 week allergy attack ended. The congestion left (interesting that it occurred after camping when I was away from the valley grasses and nearer to mountain trees and fresh air) and with it, the sinus related gobs that were being processed. Not only can I breathe clearly again, but my taste is returning. In the past 4 days I’ve been able to taste mint and watermelon gum, my chili (the second time I had it), and fried eggs just a little. Vanilla additives in foods are easy to spot (I love root beer now).

Yet, the smell is not there. At all. I don’t think I’ve smelled much at all. With taste, I could still sense tanginess, sourness, spiciness, and sweetness, but with smell, it doesn’t have sensations in the same way. I almost thought I smelled a few things last week (previous post) and while hiking thought I smelled a pungentness which my wife said smelled strongly of poo, but that’s it.

Taste: 40%

Smell: 1%


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