Posted by: cynewulffe | September 5, 2009

Sensory Memory

I was jogging at the track yesterday when all of a sudden I thought I smelled cigarette smoke. Not a wood fire, or chemicals, but cigarette smoke. Now I’ve jogged at that track hundreds of times and no one ever smokes. On this particular night, I couldn’t see anyone. No one was around too. So, was there actual cigarette smoke. Maybe. But on the other hand it could have been something that set off that memory, or activated that sense in my body which led to the memory of cigarettes smoke. It happened again later on where I thought I smelled strong body odor. Now that is paradoxical because I was jogging, but I was fairly fresh and it was cool that night. It was very strong and the type of body odor is not common to smell when jogging. I’m hoping that this indicates that my olfactory system (taste and smell) is starting to fire again, but it could also mean that it’s messed up. I don’t understand how? The operation was located in my nose but going to the sides. The olfactory gland is not near that as far as I know. I understand that the nerves near the surgeries connect to the olfactory system, but you would think that it wouldn’t affect it that much.

I also noticed this past week that I  could taste vanilla flavoring in root beer sodas. That was different. I also noticed that if it’s been a while since I drank or ate, that if I chew gum, the flavor (mint) is discernable. That’s good news too. Still, I don’t feel that I have more than 15% taste and virtually 0% smell.


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