Sinus Relief

New article Review…Loss of Smell


It’s been 60 days since my sinus surgery (maxillary). After two weeks, I had about 20 per cent of my smell and taste. After one month I had about 35% of my original senses. And then I had an allergy attack. Itchy eyes, ears, and nose. Sneezing, etc. My smell has regressed to almost 0%. My taste is at 10%. I can sense sour and sweet sensations, and some vanilla and chocolate flavors. But eggs, oatmeal, yogurts taste like blah.

Sinuswars has a good article on smell. They begin by describing to all of us, what it is like to lose your smell. A description is given for the different names for the loss of smell and taste. It appears that currently I have Hyposmia and Hypogeusia. At least there’s a name for it. A list is produced and explained as to different reasons why someone might lose their olfactory senses. The rest of the categories are fairly general, but they lead me to my biggest question, “Why is this happening?”


Okay. How long will it last?

Don’t know.