Posted by: cynewulffe | August 29, 2009

A week with allergies

It probably took a good 4 days of Benadryll before I could make it through a day without my eyes itching horribly or sneezing. I haven’t had any for a day or two, but I’m still a little congested at times. I’ve noticed during this time, almost 3 months since surgery, that I can taste very little. Of course the smell is not there either. My wife happened to see my surgeon about her ear, and mentioned my problems: nothing to be concerned about was the reply. Yeah. But still…

I looked through blogs from the past 7 days, or week, and there was very little out there of interest. I ran across one interesting article that briefly mentioned that the best places to live depended on what you were allergic to.

I am allergic to more grasses, so mountain and forest homes would be best. People allergic to trees would do better in agricultural lands or suburbs.

The best places to live were coldish and wet: Northern New England and Pacific Northwest. That’s where I grew up go figure. The worst places are Miss. Georgia. North Carolina, North Carolina, North Carolina. Great, near the place I live now.

Coincidentally, I had zero allergies growing up. Zero. In the past 12 years down here, I’ve been inundated with them.



  1. Gotta chime in here and say that everyone should get into good habits w/ those nasal passages! Kee[ ’em clean – rinses, neti pot, choose what works best for you!

    I come from a LONG line of sinus sufferers and collectively we have tried it ALL – changes in diet, accupuncture, rinses, neti pot, balloon sinuplasty, sinus surgery, you name it!

    But one thing we all agree on is the benefits of keeping those nasal passages clean!

    Have a great night!

    • thanks for the affirmation

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