Posted by: cynewulffe | August 22, 2009

Itchy and Sneezy All Over

I am so itchy. My eyes, my outside and inside of my nose, my ears. Aargh! I’ve been on Zyrtec (better than Claritan or Allegra for me) and Nasacourt forever. This has been a strange summer in northern VA: lots of rain. The grass is actually still green, which is rare for this time of year. So, like in the spring, the grass is going to seed. High levels of ragweed and grass pollen (according to my daily pollen reports). My wife and son noticed problems with eyes and contacts about 4 weeks ago, before I noticed anything. Then, about 1 week ago, BAM. I want to literally stick something (and no, not my finger, more like a baby bottle brush) up my nose and give it a twirl. Sometimes it tickles so much I begin laughing. I blow…watery stuff, that’s it, but no relief. My ears itch inside. My eyes sting and itch. I’ve tried allergy eye drops too.

I have one more recourse: I was off my Nasacourt for 3 months due to sinus surgery so I just opened a new package this morning to see if it’s more helpful than the one that’s been sitting around. After one spray last night, nothing new. I’m also going to try Benadryl this afternoon to try to end this attack. I’ve been sneezing a lot the past few days: 10+ times a day. Thank goodness there is no blockage of the sinus cavities because this was one of the ways I would get blockage, infection, pressure, and headaches. So far it’s draining well, just tickling more than usual. If this doesn’t stop within 48 hours, I may have to call my doctor and see if something else is possible. When I google the idea, I get specific drugs….I guess I want an easier answer, but now that I can’t blame my sinus infections, I have to deal with what causes them…northern Virginia!



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