Posted by: cynewulffe | August 5, 2009

How Long does Surgery Last?

I know that there are better titles, or questions, but it is to the point. How long is this good for? Will my sinus headaches and pressure come back?

My ENT was not very communicable about the post-op recovery, but from my research I’ve come to believe that about 90% of patients have permanent improvement. The other 10%, according to studies, need to have surgery again to some extent, usually because there were inter-related problems that weren’t fixed the first time, and because their sinus surgery openings (the sites of the surgery) healed over to some extent. I will continue to do sinus rinses 2x a day, and as of now I’m off nasal decongestants, but I remain taking allergy meds.  I guess only time will tell, but it produces a sense of fear, or anticipation of what my happen in the future. Other headaches may come and go: migraines, stress, medicine withdrawal, but the nasal drainage has improved and it is expected that it will stay that way for an extended period of time. Sinus Relief provides some answers and updates on sinus related issues, so it’s a good place to get answers besides this blog.



  1. Hi. Have you heard of a procedure called Balloon Sinuplasty? I am hearing good things and it is offered as a post CT Scan option vs. sinus surgery.
    Also supposed to be less invasive. Might be worth looking into in your case?
    Talk to your doc for sure and be well!

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