Posted by: cynewulffe | July 29, 2009

5 Ways to stop Sinus Pressure

If someone asked me today, “What are five ways to stop sinus pressure,” I would answer with the following from my experience:

  1. Prevent allergies. Allergies come from many sources. They can be environmental, house-related, nature-based, or based on what you eat, touch, or smell.
  2. Prevent congestion with meds. Congestion clogs your sinus passages. The membranes swell and the mucus cannot drain. This leads to pressure. Use OTC nasal decongestants for the “short term.”
  3. Prevent congestion naturally…look online for some varied methods: hot sauce/jalapeno tomato juice drinks work well for me. Sniffing onions is interesting too.
  4. Walk. You would be surprised to find out that exercise helps many people drain their sinuses; releasing pressure. Walking is the easiest method, but working in your garden or front yard may help too.
  5. Steam your head. Using a hot bowl of water, a vaporizer, or a Vicks mini-steamer a few times a day will help reduce swelling and make the mucus thin; thus, making it easier to drain.

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