Posted by: cynewulffe | July 28, 2009

One Month Since Sinus Surgery

Wow. That’s a long, long time. Today was the start of my Summer 2.0. Finally. Yeah I had a little headache and a little nose burn, but that’s acceptable, and what I expected 3 days after surgery! I finally sat down with a cup of coffee over the weekend and mapped out the remaining days of my summer vacation. Today was busy: went for a mile walk with wife, went shopping at Borders, picked up paint at AutoZone and other supplies at Wal-Mart. Jacked the car up to get the hubcaps off and then cleaned, course sanded, fine sanded, and cleaned hubs. 2 layers of thin primer, 2 layers of thin paint, and 1 layer of medium paint. Transplanted ageratum outside and planted new seeds in flower beds. Made supper. I did a lot, and in 91 degree heat. I’m tired, but not fatigued. With a rainy system coming in, tomorrow I’m going to push it as well and go hiking with the family. Hopefully nothing bad will come out of it physically. It took a month to get to this point. Last week I spent time each day walking and building up endurance. I did small inside-the-house projects to help too. How many people really understand how difficult sinus surgery can be?


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