Posted by: cynewulffe | July 22, 2009

Sinus Headaches Continue

I thought they would be gone. But they aren’t. This headache continues, pulling at my right eye, making my right forehead ache. When I saw the surgeon for my follow-up appointment, she scoped it out and said it was healing, “but you may have 4-5 days of congestion and headaches after today.” Yeah, I know. I have a little  but it’s hard to believe that it’s blocking my sinuses, that I have pressure built up due to a blockage. When I have a sinus rinse with my Sinus Pulse elite machine, my nostril drains from that side very well…after I finish the rinse, when I’m bending over. Does this mean that any irritation to the sinus itself can cause such pain, and almost nausea?

I have been doing light chores again: laundry, walking the dogs, vacuuming, etc. I spread out the work and rest a lot. I also am going for walks in the morning: 3/4 mile today. Maybe that set me off. My nose was burning when I returned. It’s a hard balance between building endurance and resting.


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