Sinus Relief

Follow-up Appointment to Surgeon


I just had my 3 week follow up with my surgeon. I was a little nervous before going in because I want this to be over, but I want everything to be checked, a few questions answered, and the pain gone.

A nurse blew some local anesthesia down each nostril. It tasted awful! Yuk! It numbed the back of my throat too and made it hard to swallow. Then the nurse took a little metal cart and put it beside me with a scope on it. She rattled around in a drawer and I glanced to see scissors and saws and I was really nervous. I made a joke about it. Then, she handed me a tissue. My wife jokingly asked if it was for the tears….thanks!

The surgeon came in and with little to do got to it. Slowly she inserted the scope and watched the screen. She had a suction tube and I could hear stuff coming out. She mumbled, wonderful, wonderful. It has healed very good….and then she pulled out something (turned out to be packing, and then went back in again. I could feel it slither into my maxillary sinus and it almost felt like a slicing. I didn’t know what the equipment could do! She pulled out after 2 minutes and went into the other which was pretty quick. She said everything was looking great. She pointed to a chart and explained that the ethmoid frontal sinuses were fine. I asked her about what she saw and she said that the right maxillary sinus was gross: filled with infection and pus that wouldn’t drain. She opened it from 2mm to 7mm. Wow. Pre-op she had said maybe 5mm. The left one was 2.5-3 pre-op and she opened it to 4-4.5mm. She said over the course of the next 4-5 days I would have pain and congestion issues as the invasive technique today would heal, but I should be fine.

Yes! I took pain meds before and after the appointment, and this morning feel sore, stuffy, and burning. Doable. I thought that this is what I would feel 3 days after the surgery, not 3 weeks. Hmmmm.