Sinus Relief

Finally, a really good article


As I was perusing Technorati tonight, I ran across a very good article on

I had been running into another article over and over again on neti pot use. It was circulating among the bottom feeder blogs with different titles and wording. I did a review of it last week on this blog. I was still seeing it up to today! Exasperating.

Well, this article is from a real person. Her tone is pleasant and conversational as she begins developing the need for neti pots. She then describes her way of using it and for me, the key was when she said, “you need to bend over and touch your toes,” because only a true user would know that trick. Sometimes when I’m at school, hours after using it, I’ll bend down to get something and a stream of saline will flow out of my nose. On those days, I remember to always bend over after using the neti pot!

She then goes into detail of some of the other positives of using it (besides reducing allergies) and she uses a reference to someone’s site. Wow. Proof positive right in front of us all. Excellent work. Check out the article above.