Posted by: cynewulffe | July 14, 2009

A Better Day?

Yesterday, was my first day of relief in over two weeks. I talked to my wife about the pain scale that doctors and nurses go by. I’ve always laughed at it because it looks silly: faces that show different expressions along the numbers 1-10.

My pain scale had been this: 1 is there, it hurts, but is just annoying. 2 is there all the time and painful. 3 is causing me to hold my head and take meds if I haven’t already. 4 gives me light sensitivity and when I walk, I don’t want to lift up my head. 5 makes me get an ice pack and lay down in a dark room. 6 leads me to nausea. 7 makes me throw up. 8 is where my mind slowly walks toward the fear that I may die. 10 is death.

Well, I don’t think that the doctors have “death” on their chart. Isn’t that funny? Why would I think that? So in reality, the last 2 weeks have been a 5-6. Yesterday was a 1 at the best, and a 3 at the worse. Today…is different.

Today I feel less pain over my eyes, and more up on the top forehead. I also feel more burning in my nose than usual. I noticed today that whenever I stood up, my head would get real tight, like all the blood was rushing up to my head, which was the exact opposite of what  was happening. I also noticed that it felt like pressure was building up inside my head at that moment. Sinus surgery really did me in. I can’t believe it.


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