Posted by: cynewulffe | July 13, 2009

2 Week Surgery Anniversary

It’s been two weeks as of this morning…in 13 minutes.

I also noticed that my congestion level is less these past 2-3 days. I go through the day with few times of heavy congestion. Congestion, for me, is the sinus headache trigger. When congested, the mucus backs up and pressure builds. So my question right now is, “Is the headache I’m having due to swelling tissue from surgery, or from swelling tissue due to natural/normal congestion, or from the impact the surgery had on my perinasal cavities and nerve endings? The short term answer is, it doesn’t matter, go ahead and decongest through steaming, irrigation, herbal remedies and OTC. That’s exactly what I’m doing. The long term answer will have to wait. Pain management should come first, and wellness second.

So far this morning I have less pain. It’s still generally over my left eye but more is up on top of both eyebrows, and radiating to over the top of my head above the ears. I went out this morning for 10 minutes of light gardening, to the dentist for a crown, and now I’m safely back in my room. So far, so much better, at least for today.


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