Posted by: cynewulffe | July 12, 2009

How long will this take

After yesterday’s sneezing fit, I noticed that I was consistently tasting more foods. Texture goes a long way but it is very boring. I haven’t really smelled anything yet, but taste is slowly returning. This stupid headache continues…throbbing over my left eye. I know that I don’t have “nature congestion” but I tried a natural remedy this morning: it was a tomato drink with garlic, celery salt, and hot sauce. I do feel “clearer” but my headache feels worse! Time for meds again I guess. It’s going to be very sunny and bright over the next week; I’m not looking forward to it at all. I took some time to do some light gardening this morning before the sun was bright. That was nice. But here I am again. 12 noon, a throbbing headache, lying in bed typing on a blog. Oh for the outside again!


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