Posted by: cynewulffe | July 10, 2009

The bad news

Even though there have been improvements, this headache continues. It’s localized between the eyes, and over/in the left eye socket. This causes pressure and pain, that leads to a cramping feeling on top of the head (where I get severe sinus headaches). The top of the head is sore when touched. Light still hurts the eyes but sound is not an immediate issue.

Due to the extent of this pain: duration, persistence, etc., my higher cognitive functionings are weakening. I’m having problems saying what I mean, and performing logical sequencing (when cooking or moving the hand). I know that this is short-term because of the longevity of the pain, but it’s a little scary.

This morning I spent 1 hour with an icepack on my eyes/nose/head. At least the pain from the ice was different and stronger than the sinus headache pain. I can’t watch tv because of the sound-light-movement issues, I can’t read a book because of  the concentration involved, but I can work on the computer because it’s directly managed by me.


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