Posted by: cynewulffe | July 10, 2009

Olfactory nerves

The pain continues. There has been definite improvement in a few areas: no more bleeding the last few days. In that, I mean no more blot tinged mucus or blots. 2 days in a row. Also, slight smells other then vanilla and chocolate are wafting in.  On there are excellent visuals and an overview of the olfactory(smell) system. It seems that there is a nerve/gland above the nasal passage that is alerted with new smells. Because the surgeon operated on nerves 1.)directly under and 2.)directly attached to this gland, that is the reason all smell is gone. As I heal, it will pick up on tastes from the palate. Smell and taste go together, so the reason I can’t taste as well, is this olfactory condition.


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