Posted by: cynewulffe | July 9, 2009

A Review…the neti pot.

Does the Neti Pot have a Place in Your Life? -article review

The article comes from, a muscle-building performance blog by WordPress. The authors could not be contacted for comment, nor was there a place to add comments on their page.

The history of the neti pot is much more extensive then this article mentions. As the argument for the neti pot is promoted, the author veers away by saying the hydro pulse may be a better tool. Why would you put that in your article? This author’s logic or understanding is skewed. Secondly, the hydro pulse is a brand, not a tool. There are other “modern pulsatile” systems as well, including dentil water pics. At this point in the article, I’m thinking that this is a waste of time. It appears that the author either has poor English as evident in the choice of words, or is illogical. The difficulty of the words used is in contrast to the simplicity of sentence level concept, and the weak paragraphical development.

The article continues by looking at the makeup of the pot, but then the author veers down another side street and mentions the author leading choice, the “Grossan Sinus Irrigator,” as an “interesting choice.” The GSI is not a neti pot, it’s another electrical irrigator.

At this point there is no use to continue with the article because the author is showing a clear lack of authority and ability to write (nothing against them personally). Any conclusions they come to are meaningless. But let me sneak a peak at the title once more, “Does the Neti Pot have a Place in Your Life?” A weak writing lure to catch a reader’s attention. Alas, the neti pot very useful for me, and the Sinus Pulse Irrigator somewhat moreso, but this article is sailing across the room………to the trash can.


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