Posted by: cynewulffe | July 8, 2009

A time for reflection

I spent the day Tuesday reflecting on the previous week’s recovery from sinus surgery. A few lessons came to mind. The first is that healing is a slow, mysterious, and sometimes revealing process. I was able to literally step aside from the normal worldly spin and watch and listen. I learned about my children’s independence, boyish natures, need for constant food, and some unmentionables that will be fixed shortly! I learned how creative and dynamic, organized and empathetic my wife was, which puts me to shame. I learned how much time we can waste each day on the computer, instead with the friends and family that matter most.

I was unprepared for this sinus surgery. I hadn’t asked enough questions, researched enough, or prepared myself. I guess I still see myself as a young 18 year old who can’t break, but if happens to, will mend quickly. This is my 2nd major surgery of the year, and for both, recovery is slow.

Throughout Tuesday I was able to go outside and do light garden work, but the fatigue was where the fight was! My legs got wobbly, hands shook, and my attention turned to focus on sitting down. Who knows if it’s a combination of the anesthesia, lack of CPAP, or surgical recovery. I just walked 6.8 miles on Appalachian Trail less then 2 weeks ago.

And, while burning in the upper nasal passages, pressure behind the eyes, soreness on the top of the head, a sinus like headache over the eyebrows and between the eyes continue, it is nothing like last week. Pain meds can help these symptoms to some extent, but not the depression that wants to seep in and destroy my well-being.

My main objective each day is to pace myself, do small chores, interact with the family more, and take over some of the lighter housework duties, but for right now, I need to get back to bed and sleep again.


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