Posted by: cynewulffe | July 6, 2009

a great evening, and a hard morning

Sunday…I went the whole day without the sinus headache. Wow. I felt alive, normal, and great.

I wonder if it will come back? Should I continue to use the nasal decongestants? Your body becomes reliant on them and I don’t want that, but I’ve already been on them for 3 months straight. I think I’ll take them during the day, and let my CPAP humidifier keep me open and going until mornings.

After doing just a little work (deadheading a few flowers, watering) I feel fatigued. The doctors/sites said this is normal. But with CPAP users, this is a problem. Without adequate air, my legs start twitching, I get a leaden/crawling feeling up them, and I have general fatigue and headaches. So I will use CPAP tonight.

Monday morning….

Congestion isn’t horrible, but over the left nostril that is more congested, I have horrible pain going into the left eye socket. It feels like it’s coming from the left maxillary sinus (where I still am getting blot clotting issues). Then, the pain moves up into my head on that side. This morning I took a mild pain pill and a decongestant. I can’t do much, it hurts.

I slept well, not great, but okay throughout the night. I didn’t get up or wake up at all. 11-7pm. But the cheek/eye/headache! Ouch.


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